Spend the week fishing around the Queen Charlotte Islands in British Columbia whilst spotting pods of dolphins, killer whales, bald eagles and grizzly bears.


20.1 Canada

Day 1-5: Private Lodge, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada

After breakfast at your accommodation in Vancouver, we will pick you up and transfer you to Vancouver Airport, where you will catch a flight to Prince Rupert Airport. On arrival, you will be met by one of our representatives and transferred by helicopter to an off-shore lodge of your choosing.

Over the next few days, you will be able to fish in fully-equipped, aluminum boats, custom-designed for your comfort and safety. Furthermore, a short helicopter trip can take you to remote streams and beaches, where you can fish for salmon and trout in the untouched wilderness. 4-wheel drives are available to drive into the mountains for those interested in hiking & bird-watching.

A four, five or eight-day tour is available. We can also organise accommodation in Vancouver and tours all over Canada if you wish to extend your stay.




Info: the lodges & Queen Charlotte Islands

All the lodges are of an excellent standard, providing luxury accommodation, service, and gourmet dining. Bears and moose are frequently seen around the lodges.

The area boasts the best ocean-salmon fishing in the world. Pods of killer whales, humpback whales, dolphins, eagles, and peregrine falcons can be seen as you fish. The isolation the islands enjoy, being deep in the wilderness, means that there is an abundance of wildlife on land as well, such as black bears and small mammals. The islands were formally renamed Haida Gwaii in 2010 because of the wishes of the indigenous community that lives in the area, whose habitation in the area adds another interesting facet to this trip.

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